When Will In-Person Sessions Resume?


Update (Nov. 6, 2021): After January 2022 at the earliest. The City and County of San Francisco provides the latest guidance on what you can do.

March of 2021 at the earliest is an optimistic view. It’s hard to predict since the course of this COVID-19 pandemic is so uncertain. There are lots of unknowns. Chief among them are the specific actions people take. Yet, human behavior is often hard to predict. Managing the unpredictable is the challenge.

Before we resume in-person sessions, the rewards should outweigh the risks. Sessions have to be safe enough for us to meet. By us, I mean you, me, and the general public. Since my practice is not at the front lines, all sessions are telehealth appointments. For crisis or special situations, I refer clients to other providers.

One likely scenario involves vaccination. Experts are cautiously optimistic the first approved vaccines may be available by the start of 2021. However, only a limited number of doses will be available as it takes time to ramp up production. Vaccines will be prioritized for front line workers. It will likely take months before enough of the population are vaccinated.

In the mean time, all my appointments are online using video or telephone. For those clients who prefer online telehealth, I will continue video sessions even when in-person sessions resume. As I am licensed in California, I also offer services to clients located throughout the state.

If you are looking for support in these difficult times, please contact me.