TEAM-CBT Worksheets


You may find the following TEAM-CBT Worksheets by David D. Burns, MD useful. Please see his Feeling Good website for more information on how to use these worksheets as explained in his books. The site also contains other useful resources such as articles, podcasts, and trainings.

I recommend the following self-help books:

  • Feeling Good if you want to tools to feel more in control of your moods. This is Dr. Burns most famous self-help book on anxiety and depression.
  • When Panic Attacks if you want tools to cope with times when you feel intense anxiety.
  • Feeling Good Together for interpersonal relationship problems.
  • Feeling Great is his newest self-help book and adds newer techniques. There may be book clubs where you can get additional support from peers and licensed professionals.

For more information on Dr. Burns, see the Mind Over Misery article.