Romantic Relationships

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Being human, it’s common to want to be loved and to love certain people. In other words, to seek romance. We seek a certain combination of emotional, sexual, and intellectual intimacy. I recommend the following books and resources related to romantic relationships.

A word of caution, some of the books listed may or may not make certain assumptions about straight, heteronormative, monogamous relationships you may find difficult. It is my understanding that the writers involved are supportive of the wide variety of relationships structures. I want to emphasize my support for all types of consenting romantic relationships between persons. It’s a process which requires continuous effort and often yields positive rewards.

  • Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson. She trains other therapist in an approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy.
  • The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman. Dr. John and Julie Gottman are researchers and train other therapists in the Gottman Method.
  • Feeling Good Together by Dr. David Burns. TEAM-CBT approaches to improving communication in relationships.

There are more named and unnamed methods for working with relationships. The ones I’ve listed above seem to be widely known and popular among the general public and psychotherapists.